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Some of our Artists

Lachlan Kennedy

Lachlan has lived in Redcliffe all his life. He has a quirky sense of humor and a unique vision of the world. In 2007 Lachaln held his first solo exhibition at the Graydon Gallery at New Farm, selling 60% of his work. This young man's passion for art has

Barry Kidd

Barry Kidd’s reputation as an artist of note has evolved over the last 30 years. His work in Brisbane is highly regarded, with the Redland Shire purchasing several of his works over a period of time. In 1996 he won the prestigious Yurara Art Award .

Tennyson Brown

Art for me is the roar that I am not quite allowed to make. As a rebel or truth seeker it is imperative I have an experience that puts me in the position of giving myself permission to roar. Art is that permission.

Buying Art on the Internet

Nowadays the way that art lovers find and purchase art is no longer the exclusive domain of art galleries. The Internet has revolutionised the way in which art is discovered and purchased. Paintings, sculpture and other forms of art are only a click of a mouse away from the purchaser.


However I believe that when purchasing art on the Internet, the would be purchaser needs to exercise care. In an art gallery the purchaser can physically see the work they wish to purchase. On the Internet the purchaser relies on the authenticity of the image that they see on a computer screen.


My recommendations for helping make that art purchase on the Internet, a good one for you, are as follows: 


  1. Make sure the seller/agent/Internet Gallery is bonfide. Read the information provided on the site and ensure that it can be verified. Questions to be asked here are: What is the seller's background, their association, their record, past and present. If any of these questions remained unanswered ask to speak with the person concerned.
  2. Don't be in a hurry to purchase a work. Check out the artist's details. What is their record of achievement? What is their previous sales record like? What prices have they obtained for works sold? What art prizes and awards as well as their record for professional development been? How long have they been working as an artist? All of these questions are important as they can build up a profile of the artist for you.
  3. If you are able, check out the seller and the artist with other art experts. Use other gallery owners/directors, art writers and academics and even other established artists. These people may have information that is important to you.
  4. Make sure you obtain a Certificate of Authenticity, when you purchase your work.
  5. Make sure your transaction is secure through the seller's account. Ask if you can pay for your purchase in ways other than through the Internet.
  6. And finally I recommend you speak with the seller, before any purchase is made. I welcome this communication with you, so please don't hesitate to ring me on 0438 193 728.


Richard Lancaster