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Some of our Artists

Barry Kidd

Barry Kidd’s reputation as an artist of note has evolved over the last 30 years. His work in Brisbane is highly regarded, with the Redland Shire purchasing several of his works over a period of time. In 1996 he won the prestigious Yurara Art Award .

Janine Salway-Stubbs

Janine Salway-Stubbs is a graduate of the National Art School, Sydney. She has spent the last two decades, heading up art departments and teaching art in high schools. Her art has been described as captivating.

Julie Wecker

Julie Wecker is a multi award-winning artist who was Finalist in the Moreton Bay Region Art Awards in 2009 and Finalist in the Pine Rivers Art Awards in 2008. Her work is in the collections of the Redcliffe Museum and the Pine Rivers Regional Gallery and

Tennyson Brown

Picasso said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life".

'When I read this for the first time I felt as though I made sense. Art for me is the roar that I am not quite allowed to make. As a rebel or truth seeker it is imperative I have an experience that puts me in the position of giving myself permission to roar. Art is that permission.

It allows me to be honest, rough, beautiful, pure, raw, genuine in my thinking, my action and my response. This has saved me more than I care to show. When I am not brave or my voice is hoarse, art speaks for me and I am renewed, dusted off to try again. Art is where I live at peace with the dychotomy of earth bound life, easing me into my body to walk my path with integrity and knowing, even if I am the only one who sees, hears and declares.'

As a clairvoyant and healer Tennyson has been drawing, 'always'. Combining her studies of writing, publishing and broadcasting throughout her twenties, Tennyson expanded into oil paints in her thirties. 'The colour palette and potential of blending with oil paints was something I became hungry for. I wanted the colour and lustre of the paint to convey a depth that acrylics were not able to'.
During her discovery of conveying depth in a two dimensional format a hidden love of collage began to develop as a journaling method that spilled onto her canvases.

Incorporating photographic images of her own or found pictures became an organic way to play with photos, with the comfort of paint. Tennyson continues to explore the old tradition of paint with the newer discipline of photo.
'It allows me to work out how I feel about painting abstract rather than still life. A photo captures an exact image, yet does not reveal how you feel in response. Abstract painting lets me express my feelings with freedom. I love photos and the speed in capturing an image and development. But I prefer the love affair of painting intimate details and unspoken thoughts and feelings'.

'As a healer I am often working with people in difficult situations, as well as the constant of clairvoyant information. All this needs a place to rest. For me that place is in my art. It is my universe so any subject is free to be acknowledged, expressed and let rest. I have always found this sacred in the return and peace it gives me personally. When someone buys my art I feel that I am not alone, and that perhaps I have helped someone find a little peace.


Tennyson Brown's Gallery

Tennyson Brown