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. McCotter .

I am a professional full time artist living in on the Sunshine coast. I work mainly in mixed media and love to create new and expressive compositions exploring all of God's creations

Hariata Tangahoe

Since she first exhibited in the early 1980s, Tangahoe has been described as a naive painter, but these days she shrugs her shoulders and says she has never thought of her paintings in such terms.

Josefina Diazgranados

If there exists a pictorial work that in one way or another could resemble the immaterial patrimony of the Northern Colombian Coast that represents in each brushstroke the grace, the color, and the feeling implicit in the meaning of loving a specific zone

Gabrielle Turnbull

Born in Queensland, Australia, Gabrielle Turnbull has worked as a visual artist and arts educator for over two decades, exhibiting her work for a similar period.


Turnbull works in a contemporary manner using mixed media making mostly paintings and drawings on a variety of surfaces. She makes constant references to the shapes, colours, textures, patterns and rhythms of the natural world  experienced  around her. She is equally interested in the same elements found in the man-made environment .Mark-making is a characteristic aspect of Turnbull's work with the linear marks sometimes referred to as calligraphic. She is also fascinated by the alluring power of light playing on the surfaces of everything around her and endeavours  to express this in her work.


Capturing the magic found within the play of light on objects is at the heart of this in-depth observation and consequent detailed rendering. However,it is the highly recognizable "morphing" into the unrecognizable, which attracts and plays with the viewer. The images are both strange and simultaneously familiar striking chords of recognition yet remaining elusive and mystical. In the magical environments created,fragments of the known are placed in new contexts thereby providing new meaning to these images.


"It is through art that I make meaning of the world, it's events and my place in these. I take from my life things seen, things remembered, imagined and invented to create images that are lyrical, poetic and emotive. Sometimes dark, sometimes humourous, but always searching for beauty and the mystical in everything. I am constantly making connections between the subconscious and the observed world, the seen and the unseen. The multiplicity and constant duality of the human condition continue to be an area of exploration. My work also focuses on the inter-connectedness of all life and the regenerative power of humans and the natural world."


Throughout the development of her work,there have been several smooth transitions made from representational images to the purely abstract. At present the closely observed, reallistically rendered image has settled beside the non-representational, the abstract in a most beautiful and interesting juxtaposition.


Turnbull's work presents a unique opportunity for the serious investor with several works already in public and private collections in the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. The retail value of her work has appreciated two-fold over the last five years indicating the upward trend in the popularity of her work. As an emerging artist on the brink of a successful career, purchasing this artists work NOW represents a very sound investment for the future.


Gabrielle Turnbull's Gallery

Gabrielle Turnbull